$chool of Money: Power to Get Wealth

Join us at Wisdom Assembly as we receive divine insight into God’s purpose for us in wealth creation and transformation. Don’t forget to invite someone.
Venue: Wisdom Assembly – 11225 Colorado Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64137
Time: 10 AM
Date: March 29th, 2015


OLUMIDE OLADAPO EMMANUEL is a man of multiple grace with influence across the religious and secular arena. He is a Bible Scholar, a role model, a Creative Thinker, a Motivational Speaker, a Business Man, Entrepreneur, Wealth Creation Agent, Leadership developer, Counselor and Resource person. Also a Church Planter, Consultant and Administrator. He is a bestselling author with about twenty books that have been celebrated both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. He has shown that the power of the printed word can be far reaching and preserved for generations.

Olumide Emmanuel is a lover of God, a preacher and a man of immense integrity who believes in balance. He is the General Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, Idimu, Lagos. Before the young, he is a mentor; among the unlearned, he is a teacher of common sense, among the elderly; he is a phenomenon in the school of wisdom. He leaves his audience wondering and commands the respect of the learned.

As a conference speaker and the President of the NGO-Dynamites Forum International, he is the host of the “Wisdom for Singles” conference which was birthed February 14, 1999. Wisdom for Singles today is a household name in Nigeria and beyond touching thousands of youths and singles. His daily and weekly media broadcast is a delight to millions.

He sits on the board of numerous businesses and directly manages some of them which includes Common Sense Ltd, a group of businesses with interest in real estate, Publishing, Travel & Tour, Consultancy, Trainings etc, FingerPrint investment club (FIC), parable ventures Ltd (PVL), wealth creation network (WCN) , Dynamites forum international (DFI) an Ngo and many others. He is the setman over The Empowerment Assembly (TEA) and Executive Director Success, Business Leadership School (SBLC).