Wisdom Assembly
Community Development & Advice Center
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Wisdom Assembly Advice & Development Center is to provide a safe and supportive environment that utilizes resources for ‘raising a people of great value’. Essential is a community partnership that fosters willingness to work together.  Our community shall develop personal dignity, self-worth, and prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.
A municipality of Jackson County, Missouri, our Church resides in a community that lacks resources and is in need of an infrastructure renovation and expansion to provide many of the necessary basic needs.  We have a desire to serve low-income, undeserved individuals, and improve their quality of life. 

Admist the varying issues with unemployment, crime, poverty and hunger, our objective is to reach out to the community with love and resources to help needy individuals as well as families. 


With the assistance from Wisdom Assembly Partnerships, our goal is to expand the resources available to the community.  Our community depends on each other for mutual support and success. A development/advice center at Wisdom Assembly, organized with staff and volunteers, would be a perfect chance to improve the quality of life in the community.  The center would not only collect information on job possibilities but also provide computer training and advice as to how to get and maintain employment while in a classroom setting.  Another essential part of life-quality improvement is expanding the pantry ministry for the homeless and needy in the community.
The Wisdom Assembly Community Development Project seeks to provide to our community:
  • An Advice/Development Center for computer training to provide skills for employment.
  • A safe playground for children of all ages.
  • Security lights around the building for safety and resurfacing the parking lot.
  • A suitable van to transport children, disabled, and elderly.
  • A basketball court (2 portable units) for community use.
  • Expanded pantry services and providing clothing
The center would readily cater to neighborhood revitalization as well as provide many human services to the community.  Also organize presentations on improving practical skills, leading healthy lifestyles, and offering help to a great variety of people who have failed to find a suitable job.  The advice center would provide psychological support as well as satisfy the basic needs of the community. 


  • Wisdom Assembly Advice & Development Center
  • Employability Skills Workshop
  • Digital Literacy/Computer Education
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Healthy/Nutrition Workshop
  • Counselors
  • Private area for client meetings


  • Training Center
  • Prepare to Care
  • Faith in Action


Grant GroupProvide and support organizations and individuals to create opportunities.

Intechspot LLC : Committed to providing quality computer education and training. Our training includes basic computer literacy, hardware & software training, troubleshooting and configuration, amongst other things. We intend to advance competent and highly skilled individuals who can compete globally and become great leaders in the community.

Latest News…

  • Sunday Food Fundraiser/Bake Sale

Community Advocacy

  • Partner with Area Police & Fire
  • Block/Community Watch Groups
Upcoming Events
  • Wisdom’s Closet Reopening (coming soon)
  • Wisdom’s Kitchen (coming soon)
  • Youth Car Wash Fundraiser (coming soon)